Applications will be open from midday 11/11/17-midday 25/11/17. Please note we receive a high volume of applications so cannot guarantee when or if you will receive funding.


If your application is successful we will contact you by email and pay for your test directly with the lab.


If you have severe cognitive problems, please ask someone to help you with this form.

We require the following information to ensure that grants are going to those most in need as funds are extremely limited. We are relying on your honesty in this - any evidence you can provide from your doctor, for example, will help your application though and you can upload this at the end. Bear in mind that if you exaggerate your illness you may be depriving someone who is more in need. All data will be stored securely and pseudo-anonymously (a code will be assigned to each application, stored separately to data).You are not obliged to provide any information but be aware that this may affect your application.


Thank you and good luck. We will be in touch shortly.